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Look Better. Feel Better.

los angeles' original infrared sauna studio

Enjoy the ideal spa experience at SaunaBar — Los Angeles' home of the Infrared SaunaPod. Unlike the other infrared sauna alternatives, our Infrared SaunaPods are 100% private, allowing you to fully relax and take advantage of the near and far infrared light therapy needed to fully detoxify your body, lose weight, and burn up to 600 calories in a single session.

Those who have experienced our Infrared SaunaPod therapy have seen the following benefits:


immunity to common diseases, like COVID-19


rest to make you feel more rejuvenated


stress by minimizing cortisol levels through relaxation and detox


energy to make you feel younger than you've ever felt before


body so you look and feel your best, at home or at the beach

SaunaBar makes it possible thanks to 12+ years of service and thousands of appointments — expertise we’re happy to put to work for you today. Take your first step to a healthier life by clicking on "Book a Consult" below to schedule a complimentary consultation!