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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I wear?

Socks are required, as they help even out your body temperature for maximum benefit. Inside the pods we recommend wearing shorts and a tank top, something cool that you don't mind getting a little sweaty in. The more clothes you wear, the more you will sweat.

How does your food sensitivity testing work?

The ALCAT food sensitivity test analyzes your DNA through a blood sample and tests over 200 different foods for any possible allergies or sensitivities. Once an ALCAT test is purchased (through us) we send you home with a take-home kit and then schedule a phlebotomist to come to your home or office where they will take a blood sample and send it to the lab for testing. You will receive your results within 7-10 days online and an additional hard copy will be available within two weeks, which is mailed to our facility.

Do you have showers?

We do NOT have a shower facility – for good reason and your best interest! Taking a shower immediately after your session shuts down the detox process prematurely, closing down your pores so they are unable to release more toxins. Not showering allows your body to extend your detox out throughout the day. We suggest giving yourself at least one hour between finishing your session and showering, if you can!

P.S. – You will leave glowing, not drenched, due to our amazing core-heating Infrared technology

Why can’t I watch TV or use my phone during my session?

We do not have TVs in our facility because we believe in giving your brain a break! While in the Lymphatic room or the Infrared SaunaPod we highly recommend no use of electronics to allow your mind to relax. A healthy, relaxed mind makes for a healthy, relaxed body. Meditate while getting the glow!

Are detoxing and weight loss related?

Yes! Toxins prevent your body from being able to perform its natural functions, including its ability to burn fat. By adding detox to your weekly regimen you’ll lose weight faster, feel more energized, focused, and clear.

If I want to lose weight, what services should I do?

All of our services assist in weight loss, but doing a Whole Body Vibration session, followed by Lymphatic Massage and finishing up with an Infrared Sauna is the best way to increase your metabolism AND burn as many calories as possible in a low-impact, healthy way.

If you’re searching for how to decrease cellulite, our Lymphatic Massage is the most popular service. You can begin to see major results after just 3 sessions!

If you’re looking to lose weight in a natural, safe, and fast way – and want a comprehensive program that includes all that’s listed above – ask one of our team members to book you a complimentary consultation to see if you qualify for our Transformation Program. It’s life-changing.

P.S. – If you don’t have time for all 3 services in one visit, we recommend booking our famous Lymphatic Massage + Infrared Sauna combo. It’s our most popular service offering, with 80% of our clients booking this duo each time they come in! You can book here.

Is there parking? Do you validate?

Yes and yes! You can find valet parking within the Brentwood Gardens Shopping center. The entrance to the parking structure is located just after Sweet Greens on the right hand side of San Vicente Blvd. Turn right and drive down into the parking structure. The valet will park your car and give you a ticket which we will validate for $2 per hour once you come in and see us on the second floor.

What do I need to bring? What do I need to wear?

  • Socks are required for all services.
  • For the Sauna Pod, we recommend shorts, tank tops, and socks. You are in your own private room. However, athletic wear (yoga pants, leggings, shorts, t-shirt etc. ) or a swimsuit is perfectly acceptable as well.
  • For the Lymphatic Message and Whole Body Vibration Machine, yoga wear or comfortable clothing is best.
  • For the Magnesphere, comfortable clothing is best, along with the removal of all metal jewelry. Pure metals are fine (100% gold, silver or surgical steel). Surgical body implants of a metal nature are OK

How do I book an Appointment?

You can book online here, on our SaunaBar app, or over the phone by calling (310) 341-4113. Once your appointment is booked, please read over our welcome email that’ll be sent to you and plan on coming in about 10 minutes early for your first appointment. Once you arrive, one of our amazing staff members will assist you through every step of the way.

How many times per week should I do an infrared sauna session?

The recommended frequency of infrared sauna use will vary based by individual factors like health goals, tolerance, and time, however, most of our clients at SaunaBar that experience positive benefits from Infrared Sauna do a 30 to 50 minute session at least 2 to 3 times per week.

What do I do after my session?

STAY HYDRATED! Your body has just released heavy toxins and build up along with water. It is important to replace the water you lost, and in addition, drinking water after your session will help flush out any leftover toxins that need to be released. You may feel hungry after your session – if you choose to grab a snack, we recommend eating as clean as possible.

How often can I do the Infrared SaunaPod?

Every day as long as you are hydrating! Most of our clients and members come 2-3 times a week for measurable (and visible) results. Come and get the glow, while feeling better, sleeping better, and rejuvenating your energy.

Understand that the more often you do a sauna session the more you will need to hydrate. If you need help figuring out how often to do a sauna or set up a detox program, ask one of our staff members to make a game plan with you based on your individual health goals. We’re passionate and happy to help!

Should I moisturize before coming? Can I use lotions or oils in the sauna?

We recommend NOT using any skincare products on your body before using any of our services. During your sessions, you are trying to release toxins through your skin, so putting on topical products may interfere with this process.

Should I eat before going in the sauna?

It is recommended that you wait to eat 1-2 hours before entering the sauna, and drink as much water as possible before your session. However, if you’ve eaten something, it’s not going to hurt you – your body will just be digesting and detoxing at the same time.

Is someone in the SaunaPod with me?

Nope, these are individual pods that each have their own private room. We do have a room where there are two pods, but doubles can only be booked by request through the front desk. Doubles are great for a spa day with a friend, partner or family member.

I’m claustrophobic… will I like this?

First things first – know that you are not alone. If you have had a hard time with traditional saunas due to being claustrophobic, then the SaunaPod may be the answer for you. While your body is in the Pod, your head will be outside breathing fresh air. You also have the ability to open and close the Pod at any time by simply pushing up or down – it can even be propped slightly open for you if need be.  If at any time you feel anxious or want to get out, simply push the pod open or press the call button and a staff member will come help you.

Many clients who are initially nervous about being claustrophobic come in and end up absolutely loving our SaunaPods!

I don’t tolerate heat well. Does that mean I can’t do infrared?

Don’t worry, we can customize a temperature just for you! If the heat makes you nervous, let a staff member know and we will not only set your sauna on a lower temperature but we will also stay to tuck you in and check on you throughout your session if need be.

For a more relaxing, meditative sauna experience, ask to be placed on a 40℃ -45℃ setting. Rather than sweating too much you will feel warm and cozy, falling into a wonderful nap while still reaping all the benefits of our amazing infrared technology!

How much will I sweat?

It is different for everyone, which is why the heat is customizable. Some clients prefer not to sweat too much while others prefer their saunas extra hot so they sweat no matter what. Because your core is the first thing to be heated you most likely will not sweat until the last 10 – 15 minutes of your session. THAT IS GOOD! Heating from the inside out allows for a deep, thorough detox. If it is your first time you may not sweat at all or just very little. All that means is that your body takes a little longer to release toxins, but by your 2nd or 3rd session we promise you will get a decent sweat!

How hot does it get?

Our Sauna Pods are 100% customizable, so that’s up to you!

Reaching up to 85°C our pods have a “perfect” temperature for everyone. We start everyone out at 50°C (122°F), which is most comfortable yet still yields massive detox results. Because your body is heated from the core outward and your head is outside the pod allowing you to breathe fresh air, the temperature doesn’t really become noticeable or feel to “too hot” until the last 10 minutes of your session. This allows for a meditative, enjoyable, relaxing experience – which can’t be said for many other saunas.

What wavelengths of Infrared do you use and what are their benefits?

We use all three wavelengths of Infrared (Near, Mid, and Far) – all which each have different healing benefits!

  • Near Infrared – Lining the top of our pods are large red light bulbs, these are the near infrared lights! Near Infrared (Red Light Therapy) rejuvenates skin, promotes healthy cell regeneration, increases energy, reduces inflammation, improves circulation, and so much more!
  • The heat you feel coming from the bottom of the sauna, under the jade stones, is the Far Infrared
  • Far Infrared – Lying beneath you under the jade stones is the far infrared heating pad! This is an essential ingredient for a deep relaxing detox. The far infrared heats your core first, helping to float toxins, bacteria, and heavy metals to the surface where you will sweat them out of your skin in the last 10-15 minutes of your session. Just like near infrared, far infrared is also great for increasing your metabolic rate, reducing bloat, and burning some extra calories! Far Infrared Therapy also adds powerful cellular detox properties and helps with lymphatic cleansing.

The combination of using both Near Infrared and Far Infrared rays in tandem creates the healing, meditative frequencies of Mid Infrared – a magical, euphoric feeling as you allow negativity and stress to leave your body! Must try it to believe it!

How long is a session?

Your actual Infrared Sauna Session is 40 minutes long, but your appointment time is blocked out for an hour in the room so you’ll have plenty of time to get in and out. This hour time slot allows for you to get in and out and take your time doing so. In addition, it allows for us to answer any questions you may have upon arrival.

  • 30-40 minutes is standard to gain the full benefits from the infrared.

Is it a person that does the massage?

Unlike a traditional massage, our lymphatic massages are done with an air compression suit (pneumatic massage). When you arrive we slip you into large boots and a wrap that goes around your torso. We then discuss which pressure would be best for you and turn on a small machine that sends air pressure up your body, relaxing and releasing every part of you, along with stimulating the lymphatic drainage system. Our clients find this to be even more effective than a manual massage in terms of moving fat and toxins around and out of the body and describe it as feeling like 4 pairs of hands are massaging you at once.

Why don’t you have a compression suit for the arms?

About half of our lymph nodes are in the torso and legs and they hold onto large amounts of toxins, excess hormones and water. Our suits are designed so that the fluids in your entire body are getting movement during the massage and therefore, your arms also receive these benefits.

Does it hurt? What if I don’t like the amount of compression?

It does not hurt at all – in fact, it is extremely soothing and relaxing. Just like our saunas, the lymphatic massage is completely customizable. You can do a session that is light and gentle with low compression or we can turn it up to feel more like a deep tissue massage, it’s your choice!

What is Lymphatic Drainage and what are benefits?

Lymphatic Drainage is crucial for good health and a strong immune system.

The suit massages your lymph nodes – bean shaped glands throughout the whole body. A properly functioning Lymph system will drain excess fluid from tissues, prevent the absorption of fatty acid, and subsequently transports fat to the circulatory system, all of which are necessary for the production of immune cells.

The best part of our lymphatic massages is its ability to minimize cellulite! The breaking up of fluid and increase of circulation will also decrease swelling and bloat in the body. Doing Lymphatic Massage is also essential before and after traveling by plane, to help your body’s ecosystem balance out again.

How long is a session?

The Lymphatic Massage is 30 minutes per session. Some members like to do two sessions back to back for an hour long massage! Just let us know if you’d like to do this and we’ll help you book.

How long is a session?

A Magnesphere session is 30 or 60 minutes long. Clients that use the Magnesphere regularly will often book back to back sessions after they’ve found the setting that really works for them. A 60 minute session allows your body to go even deeper into the healing process!

When should Magneceutical relaxation sessions not be used?

Magneceutical therapy relaxation sessions should not be administered to Patients with the following Health Conditions:

  • Implanted electrical stimulators in the Brain
  • Chronic Atrial Fibrillation (Poorly Controlled)
  • Epilepsy
  • CHF (Congestive Heart Failure)
  • High Blood Pressure (Poorly Controlled)

Is this technology safe?

The Magnesphere is classified under the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulation 21 CFR 890.5660. Under this product regulation, the Magnesphere device is classified as a Class I medical device, exempt from 510(k) Premarket Submission. The FDA Product Code for the Magnesphere is ISA by the Physical Medicine Review Panel.

P.S. In layman’s terms, that means it is just as safe as having your cell phone near or on you, if not safer!

Are there specific settings?

Research indicates that different tissues (i.e., muscle, bone, nerve) respond to different magnetic fields. Therefore the magnetic field strengths and protocols are changed to maximize the relaxation response for particular types of tissues.

Settings range from things like PTSD, Anxiety, Depression, to Deep Inflammation, Digestion and Bone Health, but these are just a few examples. Talk to a staff member about your symptoms and they can assist you finding the setting that’s right for you!

How often should I be doing this to get results? What can I expect the effects to be?

You could do a Magnesphere session every day if you wanted! We recommend doing sessions 2-3 times a week for at least 4 weeks to start seeing consistent results. Most clients report that after their first session they experience a much deeper sleep, and in general feel more grounded.

In your case, you will be the best judge as to what effects the relaxation sessions have on symptoms that are important to you (those typically associated with Chronic Stress such as stiffness, pain, inflammation, energy level, or sleep).

What is this doing? How does it work?

In simple terms, the Magnesphere uses copper coils to create a magnetic field that activates the reparative process in specific cells and tissues. It also puts your brain into a Theta Wave state, which is the deepest form of relaxation you can be in, and is amazing for healing the body.

The low-level electromagnetic field appears to be stimulating the Vagus Nerve (which runs throughout the body), and brings about a change in the balance of the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS). The balancing act between the Sympathetic branch (“fight or flight”) and the Parasympathetic branch (“rest and digest”) of the ANS is measured by Heart Rate Variability (HRV) a biomarker for the ANS. An imbalance in the ANS can make the symptoms of disease or chronic conditions worse.

In general, energy based therapy is a fast growing field in healthcare. There are many different FDA approved “energy based” technologies and well designed clinical studies which demonstrate that your body responds not only to drugs or chemicals, but also to energy based modalities.

Is this like those power plates I see at Equinox or PlateFit?

Similar concept, but the power plate moves up and down and people can find it to be a bit rough on the head and neck. We offer commercial grade Whole Body Vibration machines that have a lateral oscillating plate, meaning it moves side to side. The lateral movement activates your muscles on a much deeper level and is amazing for toning and firming. Astronauts use these in space to maintain muscle mass and bone density. Try ours to truly feel the difference!

What if I don’t want to use it to workout?

No worries! We’ll show you how to properly stand and you can take it from there. Just by standing on the machine for 20 minutes you are receiving the benefits of an hour-long workout at a conventional gym. Although we do recommend for your first time doing a session with a trainer just to show you all the possibilities!

Can you do a workout on the Whole Body Vibration Machines?

Absolutely! Members love getting their workout in on the Vibration Machines because it tones and firms all the “trouble zones” with no bulk or pain afterwards. Did we mention our machines are low-impact, so you’re going to be helping your joints and back? Talk to a staff member about booking a session with one of our trainers – they’d be happy to join you in a session and teach you a few moves.

How long is a session?

20 minutes! The best way to see results is a short 20 minute session 2-3 times a week.