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lymphatic compression therapy (Pressotherapy)

decompress with lymphatic COMPRESSION THERAPY (pressotherapy)

Have you heard of the Lymphatic System? If you have, be proud! If not, we’re here to help you understand this major part of our Immune System. In simple terms, this system acts like the ‘garbage disposal’ to our body. It is a system of organs and tissue that helps break down and rid the body of toxins, waste and unwanted materials, and has three interrelated functions:

The primary function of the lymphatic system is to transport a fluid called lymph through the body. This fluid contains white blood cells and antibodies that fight infection. Lymph movement is essential to a healthy Lymphatic System. Being able to perform this function occurs with low pressure peristalsis. The involuntary, wave-like constriction and relaxation of muscles inside your body

Benefits of Lymphatic COMPRESSION THERAPY

Our Pneumatic (Air) Compression Massage (also known as pressotheraphy) simulates this peristalsis by using repetitive inflation and deflation by way of an air pressure device. And yes, it feels good… like 8 hands moving up and down your body, giving you the best massage of your life! This specific movement helps your body drain lymph fluids and in turn, can produce many benefits.


Rids your body of toxins by stimulating your body's lympathic system


Detoxification and relaxation helps restore your body's natural balance


Helps you produce more immune cells to keep your body healthy


Minimize the appearance of cellulate and varicose veins


Relieves muscle cramps and other body pains


Accelerate your skin, appearance, and overall well-being.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is it a person that does the massage?

Unlike a traditional massage, our lymphatic massages are done with an air compression suit (pneumatic massage). When you arrive we slip you into large boots and a wrap that goes around your torso. We then discuss which pressure would be best for you and turn on a small machine that sends air pressure up your body, relaxing and releasing every part of you, along with stimulating the lymphatic drainage system. Our clients find this to be even more effective than a manual massage in terms of moving fat and toxins around and out of the body and describe it as feeling like 4 pairs of hands are massaging you at once.

Why don’t you have a compression suit for the arms?

About half of our lymph nodes are in the torso and legs and they hold onto large amounts of toxins, excess hormones and water. Our suits are designed so that the fluids in your entire body are getting movement during the massage and therefore, your arms also receive these benefits.

Does it hurt? What if I don’t like the amount of compression?

It does not hurt at all – in fact, it is extremely soothing and relaxing. Just like our saunas, the lymphatic massage is completely customizable. You can do a session that is light and gentle with low compression or we can turn it up to feel more like a deep tissue massage, it’s your choice!

What is Lymphatic Drainage and what are benefits?

Lymphatic Drainage is crucial for good health and a strong immune system.

The suit massages your lymph nodes – bean shaped glands throughout the whole body. A properly functioning Lymph system will drain excess fluid from tissues, prevent the absorption of fatty acid, and subsequently transports fat to the circulatory system, all of which are necessary for the production of immune cells.

The best part of our lymphatic massages is its ability to minimize cellulite! The breaking up of fluid and increase of circulation will also decrease swelling and bloat in the body. Doing Lymphatic Massage is also essential before and after traveling by plane, to help your body’s ecosystem balance out again.

How long is a session?

The Lymphatic Massage is 30 minutes per session. Some members like to do two sessions back to back for an hour long massage! Just let us know if you’d like to do this and we’ll help you book.