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Weight Loss Transformation Program

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30-day, holistic weight loss program

Here at SaunaBar, we take the Holistic Approach. This means our program is natural and gentle, allowing your body to let the weight go in the way it’s meant to. As you may know, many ‘fad diets’ tend to confuse the body and produce undesired results. This can include muscle loss and the ineffective ‘yo-yo’ effect. Having been there ourselves, we set out to find a better way.

What makes this a solution we believe in so much, you may ask? We combine the five pillars needed for weight loss success:


Our certified, experienced coaches will lead you every step of the way to ensure you hit your weight loss goals


We'll provide you with a nutritional plan, supplements, and recommendations to keep the weight off with a realistic lifestyle.


Skip the crowded gyms and get a high-intensity, calorie-burning work out in our private, exclusive fitness studio in Brentwood


Rid your body of excess water and toxins while reducing cortisol levels, to help you look and feel like the best version of you


Track your results and see the progress of your weight loss on a deeper level than what the scale tells you

Our Results-driven Process

Fitness Nutrition Consultation (60 Minute)

  • in-depth review of diet protocol
  • create your custom success strategy
  • scheduled weekly check-ins at SaunaBar

What You Get

A customized weight loss plan fit to you - and only you.

Holistic Weight Loss Program (23 Days)

  • one-on-one coaching with specialist
  • tailored homeopathic supplement regimen
  • follow-up maintenance program for upkeep (3 weeks)

What You Get

Nutritional supplements, diet program, and a coach to keep you on track.

Whole Body Vibration Efficiency Training (12 Sessions)

  • tone & firm on Whole Body Vibration machines
  • personalized conditioning for your transformation

What You Get

12 high-intensity, high-calorie burning workouts over 30 days.

Saunabar's Unique Detox Therapy (Access 3x/week)

  • 12 Lymphatic Compression Massages
  • 12 Infrared SaunaPod Treatments

What You Get

Relaxing detox sessions that catalyze weight loss, improve skin, rid your body of hormone-disrupting toxins, and leave you looking young and glowing.

Composition Analysis (4 Body Composition Reports)

  • initial measurements to pinpoint where you started
  • analysis each week to mark your success

What You Get

Once a week, receive a detailed report of your body's makeup to track your weekly weight loss.

Before & After

“My entire experience with SaunaBar has been fantastic. If you have not tried any of their services, please do, you will not be disappointed. I was originally searching for a place to get a lymphatic drainage massage in Los Angeles, but ended up participating in their weight loss transformation program. After 40 days on their holistic weight loss program, I lost over 18 lbs., toned and detoxed my body with their vibration machines and infrared sauna pods, and have now kept my weight off for several months. I am really happy with my results and continue to go to maintain my new physique and health. The staff is friendly, the facility is clean, parking is ample (valet), and the atmosphere is peaceful. It’s worth checking out.”

We love Weight Loss transformation