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Try our Weight Loss Transformation program, where in as little as 30 days you can shed some serious pounds and look and feel your best. Our proven system includes the following:

Premium Weight Loss
Starting at $2,900
Mini Weight Loss
Starting at $1,500
Consultation with our Weight loss coach
Weekly check-ins, weigh-ins, and body composition analysis with your coach to keep you on track
All natural, homeopathic supplements to speed up your weight loss
Review of detailed maintenance protocol to help you keep the weight off
Whole Body Vibration workouts at SaunaBar
3x per week
1x per week
Lymphatic Compression Massage
3x per week
1x per week
Infrared Sauna Treatments
3x per week
1x per week

Transformation Program overview

Before & After

“My entire experience with SaunaBar has been fantastic. If you have not tried any of their services, please do, you will not be disappointed. I was originally searching for a place to get a lymphatic drainage massage in Los Angeles, but ended up participating in their weight loss transformation program. After 40 days on their holistic weight loss program, I lost over 18 lbs., toned and detoxed my body with their vibration machines and infrared sauna pods, and have now kept my weight off for several months. I am really happy with my results and continue to go to maintain my new physique and health. The staff is friendly, the facility is clean, parking is ample (valet), and the atmosphere is peaceful. It’s worth checking out.”

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Frequently Asked Questions

How effective is the program?

On average, Women lose 1/2 a pound a day, and Men lose 1 pound a day.  At least 90% of our clients have found success with this program if they follow it properly.

How much is the program?

We personalize the program to fit your needs. The full program cost is $2,900.

What's included in the cost?

Homeopathic weight loss drops, as well as 40 Session (which includes):

-12 Vibration Machine workouts for toning and firming

-12 Lymphatic Compression Massage treatments for detoxing

-12 Infrared Sauna Treatments for detoxing, relaxation, and reducing stress.

-4 Body Composition analysis

With this comprehensive program you don't just lose weight, you also reduce your stress, detox your body on a cellular level, learn how to eat right, and tone your body. All of this combined makes for a successful weight loss journey.

What if I don't have time to come in 3 times per week?

You can come in twice a week for 6 weeks. We personalize the program for you at the consultation meeting.

How long will I be there for 3 appointments?

90 min.

Do you feel any side effects from taking the Homeopathic Weight Loss drops?

The natural homeopathic version does not have side effects. It's a very gentle weight loss program.

Can I just take the drops if I don't have time to come in 3 times per week?

We personalize the program towards your needs and lifestyle.