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Wondering what to give your loved ones that won't leave your wallet looking like the Ghost of Christmas Past? We have some wonderful and affordable gift ideas for you!

Why DIY?

  • Customizable in almost every way
  • Affordable
  • Can be done last-minute
  • Local Ingredients
  • Thoughtful
  • Unique

1. Bath Salts

Grab a glass jar from your local craft store (we've even found them at the dollar store). Use Coarse or Fine (depending on your preference) Sea Salt or Mineral-Rich Salt. Mix in Baking Soda to soften waters and alleviate skin irritation. Mix in Epsom Salts for sore muscles. Now, the fun custom part! Think of the person you're gifting- what do they need? Add a few drops of high-quality essential oils! Are they stressed out and could use a de-stressor? Add lavender or a stress-away blend of essential oils. Are they going through a rough time and could use a pick-me-up? Add citrus scents with or without some vanilla or an optimism blend. Do they struggle with low energy? Create an invigorating blend with peppermint! Make your own labels or decorate the jars before delivering.

2. Essential Oil Rollers

For this you may need to head to a craft store or order some rollers online. Fill it with a high-quality oil of your choice (we like coconut, jojoba, or almond) and follow the basic thought process of #1. Think of the person you are gifting and what they could benefit from. Think of the scents they like and any physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual issues or blocks they may be going through. You can search online for the best oil associated with the remedy for that and make your own blend for them! Write down the oils you put in there and what they help with as an extra touch.

3. Pictures

We're living in a digital age, but how good and nostalgic does it feel to hold actual photographs? Whether it is one of your best friends, your parents, or your partner.. there are many ways to gift someone precious memories. Photo albums, shadow boxes, and collages are great if you have a lot of photos to share or pictures that span over a period of time (beginning of relationship until now). Canvases, metallic, or wooden prints are a unique way to deliver photos. Even more creative ways would include making a flip-book or book they can read featuring your photos! If you are a photographer yourself (hobby or professional), offering to take photos for them is a special gift idea as well. Grandparents and parents especially are fans of photos of you and your siblings or children.

Bonus Idea:

What could be easier and more thoughtful than giving the gift of health and wellness to someone you care about? Short on time? Give them a gift card to one of our services! You would be giving them the gift of a truly holistic, healing, and relaxing experience with a visit to SaunaBar. They can choose from any of our services including Magnesphere, Infrared SaunaPod, Lymphatic Massage, Infrared Facial, or Whole Body Vibration Machines! If you come into our Brentwood Gardens location, we also carry Essential Oils (for the ideas above), Supplements, Detox assistants, and other Safe Beauty Care products that make great gifts for any occasion!

What are some DIY gifts you've made or given? How did the recipient respond?

Want more health and wellness? Visit Saunabar and follow our blog for tips and knowledge every week.