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Learn What We're Doing To Keep SaunaBar Safe

The weather is changing, the holiday songs are playing, and the "cold" season is among us. What are some ways you can boost your immune system and stay healthy during these winter months?

1. Tonics

Drinking Apple Cider Vinegar (with the mother) mixed with a variety of other nutrient-dense ingredients can help keep your immune system strong as well as alkalizing your body. You can drink these with warm-hot water (you don't want to have it boiling as it will kill some of the benefits) or ice it after to cool it down. Sparkling water is also a fun twist to have sometimes. Some of our favorite mixes are with a base of 1-3 tbsp of ACV plus:

1/2 Lemon + Honey (get the best quality you can find! We love when it's raw and local!)

1 Lime + Stevia

1-2 droppers of water enhancer (like the ones we carry at SaunaBar) *we especially love this blend with sparkling water

Some other immune-boosting and detoxing herbal additions to make tonics with would be adding essential oils to your water (Oil of Oregano and a blend like Thieves are both anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and anti-fungal) or Mushroom Blends.

2. Travel Well

Staying healthy through traveling home to see your family starts way before you take off. Make sure to get enough rest and eat well in the days leading up to your flight. Bringing your own pillow and blanket may not only make you feel more "at home" but can reduce the possibility of other picking up other people's germs on the airline's pillow and blankets. Studies show wearing comfortable clothing will help keep you healthier after your flight. Wear breathable, loose, and light layers to avoid blood clots and make it easier to relax and rest during the flight. Dryness in the body increases risk for infections. Staying hydrated is always important, but throw the atmosphere of airports and planes into the mix and it becomes extremely vital to your body's ability to stay well. During the flight, be sure to get up and move around!

3. Sauna

We don't say this just because it's who we are. Studies show that especially during winter months, saunas and steam rooms can help decrease depression, increase health and wellness physically and mentally, relieve stress, warm the body- relaxing muscles and tension, detox the body, and much more. You've also seen on our site that our saunas feature dual-detox benefits and offer the full spectrum of infrared rays (near, mid, and far infrared). Most other saunas in Los Angeles only offer far infrared, or none at all. Be sure to do your research and go to the best place available in your area. You can find more information about our SaunaPods and what to look for here. Call us or go online to book today!

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