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All done with surgery? Now what?

Having surgery is a huge process that does not begin or end with the actual surgery. Just like your doctor has given you ways to prepare for the operation, there are ways to help speed up your recovery process afterward, in a wholistic and gentle way.

1. Stress-management

One of the biggest obstacles to recovery is stress. Be mindful, be gentle, listen to what your body is asking for. Meditation, a spiritual or religious practice, journaling, and seeking support from professionals or experts can all help reduce the stress that can accompany the after-math of surgery. The Magnesphere is a wonderful addition to your stress-relief practice. By simply relaxing in the zero-gravity chair, you can allow the magnetic resonance therapy to re-align your cells and restore balance. The Magnesphere is one of our highest recommended stress-reducing and pain-relieving therapies for clients in early recovery.

2. Gentle Movement

Always check in with your doctor as to what they suggest in terms of moving your body. It is important not to push it too fast or hard too soon. Have you heard of the Whole Body Vibration Machine? This low-impact and fully customizable workout may be just what you need to ease back into exercise. Some of the benefits of vibration workouts are increased circulation, increased muscle strength and relaxation, stimulates bone health, burns fat, stress reduction, and pain reduction. If you are near our Los Angeles location, you can book a session with one of our qualified and caring professionals today.

3. Diet and Hydration

Another key element when the body is healing from an intense experience is to take extra care of what you are putting into it. Avoid high-salt, high-fat, and high-sugar foods as this will only contribute to inflammation, nausea, bloating, discomfort and potential mood dips. Early on, when the majority of your recovery includes rest, be sure to stick to fresh and light foods. Ultra-hydrating fruits and veggies like watermelon, cucumber, plums, celery and berries can help to nourish you while helping to reduce post-op bloating and water-retention. Bonus to eating enough fruits and vegetables is they are natural diuretics and can help keep you regular. Drink a lot of water to help fuel your body to push out anything that needs to work its way out (medications, blockages, etc) and aid in the healing of your cells.

4. Lymphatic Massage

Our lymphatic system is responsible for the removal of excess fluids from the body’s tissues, absorption of fatty acids and transportation of fat, as well as the production of immune cells. Moving the lymphatic system gently is a relaxing and beneficial way to speed up your post-op healing. Lymphatic massage will help reduce the chances of scar tissue build up, stress and pain-relief, moving toxins out of the body, reduce the appearance of cellulite,  Our Pneumatic Compression Machine simulates this peristalsis by using repetitive inflation and deflation (by way of an air pressure device). Our machine feels like an 8-hand massage undulating with wave-like pressure evenly applied to your whole body. This has been recommended especially in the road to recovery after Liposuction Procedures.

5. Probiotics

With all of the medications, anesthesia, antibiotics, and pain pills that might be a part of your post-op process, it is important to think about the health of your gut. To combat everything going in and replenish the healthy bacteria in your intestinal home, be sure to find a powerful probiotic. At Saunabar, we love CoconutCult's Cultured Coconut Cream (in original or mango!). It boasts 800 BILLION probiotics; it is tangy, creamy and powerful! HUM Nutrition and Wade Lightheart have capsules that we love too. Don't know what probiotics are or why they're essential for you? Read more about it at HUM or with Wade.

No matter what operation you've just had, we are here to help you through your journey of balancing and restoring your body, mind, and spirit.

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