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In 2014, the Depression Drug industry was profiting around 14 Billion Dollars. That is Billion.. with a "B". Unfortunately, these numbers don't reflect the number of people who were actually helped by these drugs. They just paid for them. If you are one of the many people suffering right now from depression, or know someone who is, this article is for you.

What is "Depression"?

Depression is usually labeled as a medical disorder focusing on the brain. According to helpguide.org, some of the common symptoms of depression are:

  • Feelings of helplessness and hopelessness.
  • Loss of interest in daily activities.
  • Appetite or weight changes.
  • Sleep changes.
  • Exaggerated anger or irritability.
  • Loss of energy.
  • Self-loathing.
  • Reckless behavior.
  • Concentration problems.
  • Unexplained aches and pains.

In the U.S, it seems to be affecting more and more people every day. No one knows for sure what causes depression. It could be genetic, stress, brain chemistry, or environmental. But anyone who has experienced it before, or has seen a loved one go through it, knows it can be a dark and life-sucking experience.

What people often don't hear from their doctors or loved ones is to think of depression as a spiritual, emotional, soul matter. One that can be helped through a more holistic approach. Rather than looking simply at the symptoms, we can begin to look at the root of the issue and the whole person instead. Besides loneliness, circumstantial strain, and alcohol or drug abuse.. Did you know that health problems and chronic pain can also contribute to depression?

Here are a few holistic remedies to consider*:

Are you eating right for your body and blood type?

Chronic inflammation and an angry gut can lead to terrible moods. Our brains and gastrointestinal systems are intimately linked. When one is feeling something, it sends a signal to the other and vice versa. Unfortunately, when we don't know we have food allergies or intolerances, this is exactly what is happening everyday.

Getting a Complete Food Allergy and Intolerance Test done is a quick and easy way to start giving your body what it likes, and cutting out what it doesn't.

You've heard of the naturopath Peter J. D'Adamo's "Blood Type Diet", right? Well, there is something very natural and intuitive about the way our bodies are built. Different blood types are said to have adapted in different stages of humanity and therefore have different preferences toward food. While one type may thrive eating meat, the other does better with a more vegetarian approach. Which one are you? Find out within minutes with our Blood Type Test.

Besides reducing the irritation in your body and mind due to constant exposure to these things, you can also reduce inflammation, bloating, lose weight, and reduce headaches and pains! That's sure to make anyone feel better.

Are you energetically imbalanced?

Perhaps it was a childhood trauma, a recent event, or genetics. Something inside of you just doesn't feel the same. While you can try different practitioners specializing in energy healing modalities such as reiki or crystal healing, at SaunaBar we have another alternative program to try.

Magnetic Resonance Therapy is an incredibly powerful tool for bringing our cells back into alignment. This isn't just for kale-chip-loving-yogis, the science behind it speaks for itself. Stress can play a major role in how we feel about ourselves and life. Sometimes, what we need is a way to shift our mindset and re-balance our spirits. This can be challenging to do on our own, and nearly impossible without help. With numerous protocols, a few particularly set for helping with depression, panic attacks, anxiety, and stress relief, the Magnesphere can be an effective treatment for depression.

Are you deficient in essential vitamins, minerals, or amino acids?

We wrote about what some of the symptoms are for mineral deficiencies but did you know that lacking in essential nutrients can lead to depression, anxiety, triggering the "fight or flight" response, and elevate our cortisol levels?

Omega 3-fatty acids have been linked to reducing depressive symptoms particularly in people diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Find these brain boosters in cold-water fish, flaxseed, flax oil, and walnuts.

A naturopath may suggest supplements like 5-HTP, SAM-e, St. John's Wort, L-Tyrisine, or a combination of a few of these. Even a deficiency in B vitamins can cause havoc on our ability to handle stress, which can over time turn into something much more serious. Once the amino acids have been replenished in your body, you won't have to continue taking them anymore (unless they are depleted again). As with any supplement, be sure to check the contraindications with any other medications or supplements you are taking.

Whatever path you choose, we at Saunabar want you to know that we are here for you. We know how difficult life can be with all of the potential stressors and situations. Depression is not just being sad or temporary negative thoughts. Whatever we can do, we have made it our mission to support you in your healing journey.

Want more health and wellness? Visit Saunabar and follow our blog for tips and knowledge every week.

*SaunaBar is not liable for any information or remedies suggested in this article. The reader is responsible for their own well-being and should be held accountable for all actions they decide to take. SaunaBar is not providing medical advice and the reader should seek professional medical attention if they need it.