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Colloidal Silver: What is it?

Silver has been a trusted resource to the human race for several thousand years now. It's uses have included eating utensils, medicine, jewelry, money and disinfectant for water. Throughout most of our history, if you could afford to have Silver, you would most definitely have it.

Modern day science has shown us just how important this is to our survival. An antimicrobial in nature, Silver has the power to kill harmful bacteria and viruses. It also has been well documented for eliminating yeast and fungus. If that were not impressive enough, it's also known to be anti-inflammatory in nature. Thus, it's perfect for supporting pain relief. natural healing.

After some research, you'll discover that Silver is still widely used in Medicine today. In fact, you can find 80+ Silver Based products that have been approved by the FDA. This is a continuing trend as more are approved each month.

Burn Centers swear by Silver based products. By stopping bacteria and promoting healing it's trusted to get the job done. This causes it to be in high demand in the Medical industry.

In the clothing industry, you'll find Silver in shoes (and other clothing items) to prevent bacteria growth. It's woven into the fabric so that it can do it's powerful work under the radar.

Moving from Clothing to our Food, Silver is used in millions of homes whether we all realize it or not. It's often placed in everything from cutting boards to fridges. The purpose for this is to kill bacteria that could lead to Food Poisoning.

Our personal favorite use is using it in and on foods. Some decorate with it while others choose to include it in the preparation process (for disinfectant purposes). In fact, research is currently being conducted to prove that a New Liquid Silver could save your life. This would be if an H5-N1 breakout were to occur. As you might imagine, this life-saving research is something we all should know about.

As you may now be aware, Silver already surrounds us everyday. It keeps us safe and protects against many health risks. Having a bottle on hand is a must for us. This is especially true during Cold/Flu Season. Take it during that time of the year and you'll quickly understand why it's a staple in the Human Culture.[fusion_builder_container hundred_percent="yes" overflow="visible"][fusion_builder_row][/fusion_text][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]