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Learn What We're Doing To Keep SaunaBar Safe

What is detoxing?
The practice of helping the body release stored toxins in an effective, safe way.

Why would you want to detox?
Our world is a little different than it used to be. The chemicals, pollutants, and additives that are in our environment now are more concentrated and prolific than ever. These toxins disrupt our hormones, our immune system, our ability to rest, relax, and sleep, our energy and cognitive function, and our longevity.
By helping our bodies move out these disruptive toxins, we are able to live brighter lives, more fully present, while feeling better. Detoxing helps the immune system perform at its best and be vigilant against diseases. We feel cleaner in clearer in our minds and bodies. It even helps to lose weight! We are able to bounce back and be more resilient on a biological level, which affects our psychology and ability to adapt to a rapidly evolving environment more easily. By helping the body move out toxins, it keeps your system running at optimum function and not be overwhelmed by the chemicals in our environment.

How do you detox?
There are many ways in which we can empower the body to detox. Supplements, diets, and a variety of therapies exist that benefit the body’s detox systems. One way we love to support the body’s optimum function and detox is through lymphatic massage. The lymphatic system can be imagined as a city’s sewage system. The lymph is an important part of our immune system, where white blood cells bring pathogens and sick cells to leave the body. If you’ve ever experienced swollen lymph nodes in your neck from being sick, you may recall the way the lymph system is utilized when our bodies are fighting off a bug. Unlike the circulatory system, the network of nodes and vessels in the lymphatic system do not have their own circulation mechanism. The way the lymph moves is through jumping, long walks, or most effectively: external manual movement. This includes dry brushing, gua sha, and lymphatic massage. Lymphatic massage at SaunaBar uses a compression suit, which feels like an 8-handed massage. By moving and compressing from the limbs toward the heart, we move lymph to the thymus gland and help to flush out the lymph fluid. This then is excreted through our bowels and urine.
Another way we love to detox is with infrared therapy. Infrared not only gives you a good sweat, which is one of the more obvious ways of detox, but it also affects our bodies on a deep, cellular level. Infrared penetrates deep into the skin, not only nourishing your skin but also affecting your internal organs and glands. It increases circulation, brings more oxygen to your tissues, and helps move out cellular waste. By penetrating the skin so deeply, infrared brings heat and stimulation to the tissues of the liver, kidneys, digestive tract, and other parts of our elimination system. This helps these organs function in an optimal way, so the natural systems that play a role in detox are supercharged. Increased circulation, oxygen, and waste removal helps move toxins built up in fat and other storage spaces be released. And out they go in the form of sweat or through the bowels.

Experiencing the feeling yourself is the best testimonial. Our clients absolutely love a lymphatic massage followed by an infrared sauna; it’s our most popular appointment! Come Get the Glow this Holiday season and feel yourself radiate with wellness.