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The average person thinks between 12,000 and 60,000 thoughts every day. 80% of those thoughts are negative and 95% are repetitive.

Those negative thoughts can wreak havoc on your life if you aren't careful. They can cause you to give up on living your best life whether it's going back to school or setting up some weight loss goals.

In fact, negative thoughts can make it nearly impossible for you to lose weight. But you don't need to surrender to negative thoughts.

There are steps you can take. Keep reading how you can replace negative thoughts with positive ones to help you reach all your goals.

How Negative Thinking Affects Your Weight Loss Goals

A Harvard study followed 84 cleaning women. 50% were told that the work they performed met the requirements set by the Surgeon General for exercise. The other 50% were told nothing.

A month later researchers discovered the group who were told they met the requirements for exercise through work discovered they had lost waist-to-hip ratio, body fat, and BMI and they hadn't altered their diets or altered their physical habits in any way.

Positive thoughts are just as nutritious for your body as fresh fruits and vegetables are. The more you think it's hard to lose weight, the harder it is to lose pounds.

Clear the Clutter

Clutter causes anxiety and depression. Battling these mental health issues makes it harder to achieve goals like weight loss.

One easy way to remove negative thoughts from your life is to remove the clutter in your life.

Identify the Clutter

And clutter comes in all shapes and sizes such as:

  • Items you no longer like, use or need
  • Toxic relationships
  • Unhealthy, processed foods
  • Toxic thoughts

It's fear, shame, and guilt that cause people to live in chaos. Let go of anything in your life that doesn't make you happy and you'll find reaching any goal because easier now that you don't have any obstacles in your way.

Surround Yourself With Support

It's extremely difficult, if not impossible to reach your goals without support. Look for ways where you can feel supported such as:


Find people to help support you in your goals. Ask a friend if they want to be your partner as you support and cheer each other to success.

Join a support group for people looking to lose weight. Join a weight loss center where professionals can give you the right support and advice for your individual needs.

Talk to a therapist. Consult with a nutritionist.


Exercise regularly. It will help you improve both your mental and physical health.

You'll also lose weight as you gain muscle.

Enjoy a sauna afterward. There are myriad benefits to taking an infrared sauna after a workout.

Delete These Words From Your Vocabulary

While we may not realize it, our words are extremely powerful. Try to pay attention to what you say to yourself and others throughout the day.

You may notice you're continuously using words such as:

  • Can't
  • Won't
  • Never

And that's a big problem. Those words are literally setting you up to fail.

Use Positive Words

Instead, try replacing them with these words:

  • Can
  • Will
  • Always

These words are empowering. They don't stop people in their tracks.

Instead, these powerful, positive words help ensure you will start taking actionable steps towards reaching your goals.

Change Your Relationship With Food

Don't wait to eat until you're starving. Instead, be smart and plan ahead.

Think about what you feel like eating.

Then get in touch with your emotions. Let yourself connect what you eat with how you feel.

Accept Yourself

What you resist persists. The more time you spend hating your body and feeling guilty every time you eat, the harder it is to lose weight.

Start by accepting yourself for who you are and what your body looks like at this moment. You may not like what you see, but you just need to accept it.

Focus on What You Like

Instead, start focusing on what you love about your body. Maybe you think your toes are cute.

Perhaps it's your earlobes. Just find one, two or 10 things you like about your body and focus on that.

Breathe While You Eat

Make your meal a special event to be savored. Take the time to focus on the different flavors of your meal.

And slow down. This will allow you to open up. You can then become aware of your body and how it's responding to your meal.

Savor the Moment With Breath

Breathe in the flavors of the food. Breathe out the stress and anxiety of your day.

Pay attention to your stomach as it contracts and expands.

Each Moment Is a New Opportunity

Everyone has moments where they don't live up to their best intentions. It happens.

The problem is that many people choose to give up. But it doesn't really matter if you cheated and ate a candy bar.

It doesn't even matter if you cheated and ate a whole bag of candy bars. What matters is your next choice.

Don't Let Mistakes Stop You

Everyone makes mistakes. But failure isn't a mistake, it's choosing not to take action.

A mistake is an opportunity to do better. If you slip up, let it go. Then choose better in the next moment by forgiving yourself and moving forward.

Be Mindful of Using Rewards and Punishments

Eating healthy all day is not really a good excuse to eat a plate of brownies. Making healthy food choices at every moment is a way to practice self-care.

You choose to eat healthy because you know you'll feel happier and healthier. Your reward is good health, not junk food.

Exercise Shouldn't Be Considered Punishment

But even if you do give in to temptation, that's not a reason to punish yourself. You don't need to hit the gym as a form of punishment for what you perceive to be inappropriate behavior.

Exercise should be viewed as a reward, not a punishment. Find exercises you enjoy to keep you motivated on taking the best care of yourself you can.

Treat Yourself Well

Loving yourself no matter where you are in life makes it easier to realize your weight loss goals quickly. And we want to help support you.

Our services are designed with your well-being in mind. Click here to learn about becoming a member.