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You Lost Weight—What Happens To Your Body?

Lose weight and feel terrific! Losing weight changes your physical attributes and affects your body on the cellular level. You might notice that your energy and mindset changes too. You look healthy—you feel healthy.

You'll notice external physical benefits and your appearance may change. Your body benefits on a cellular level too!

Lose weight from safe, reduced caloric intake and an intelligent exercise regime. Take care of your body from the inside out.

Lose Weight

Body Benefits:

1. Body Restructure

If there’s significant weight loss, it may take some time getting used to the shifts and changes of your body.

You find muscles you never even knew were there, and your body fat is redistributed. If you lose weight under the supervisor of your physician, you might notice your body image changes right away.

“I wasn’t aware of how my body was moving in space. I had to get used to my new body. Without excess flab, I learned to move better within my environment.” —David C.

Lose Weight

Your awareness of your body in space (proprioception) is different. With extra weight, your body has limitations. Excess fat and skin get in the way.

2. Desire to Exercise

Typically habits—good or bad—stick after two (2) weeks. Give your body a chance to take on new, improved habits. You're eating clean and moving move. You have more of an interest in participating in fun things, including exercise.

“Regular exercise is one of the pillars of healthy living. It improves cardiovascular health, lowers blood pressure, helps control body weight, and protects against a variety of diseases.” Harvard Medical School, Health Report

Go ahead, lose weight and feel better. Your new body invites self-assurance and increased self esteem. You want to exercise because you feel so great.

3. Escalated Energy

There's a positive kinesiological body response to weight loss.

You move better and you want to move more. You’re more motivated to expend energy. Workouts become more intense, activities of daily living increase, and you’re more confident. That confidence is attractive.

A new body image and high energy levels are beneficial.

Lose Weight

After You Lose Weight, You Feel Great

You're now burning more calories and you’re light on your feet. Your body feels alive and healthy.

You respond better to your environment. Your mind is alert and your reflexes and proprioception ability is better.

Your body moves more freely. With freedom in movement, there’s increased exposure to injury. With a sound exercise program, including a variety of activities—including flexibility training—your balance improves, which is important to decrease risk of falling and training injury.

Lose Weight

Peripheral Benefits Of Losing Weight

Two (2) critical elements to a healthy body weight just might be found in laughter and sleep. You laugh more and sleep better. You may even find that a healthy sex drive appealing.

What About The Inside Of Your Body?

4. Exercise: Cellular Level Impact

Research shows that regular exercise benefits your body on a cellular level.

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) exercise has been shown to be best for boosting cell health.

“Metabolically and at the molecular level, supervised high-intensity training confers the most benefits.” —K. Sreekumaran Nair, MD, PhD, a Mayo Clinic endocrinologist, IDEA

Exercise group studies experienced improvements in cellular function and in the ability of mitochondria to generate energy. This cell improvement is known to  slow the aging process at a cellular level.

Physical activity increases your body’s immune system. Activity produces endorphins that help with mood and general well being.

Lose Weight

5. Skin Quality Improvement

By eating better, you take a positive step in improving skin quality. A formal detox program can help fortify your skin’s structure.

Lose Weight = Flexible Blood Vessels

Fitness has been the leader in improved and flexible blood vessels, stimulating healthy blood flow and better skin quality.

People often focus on aesthetic benefits of exercise. Your blood vessels benefit too. Stimulating your capillaries and cells is considered "body lab exercise."

“At certain wavelengths, red light therapy is known to stimulate elasticity of collagen fibres and positive creation of capillaries. Higher volume of capillaries improve blood flow to your skin tissue. Oxidized cell nutrients provide extra collagen and elastin to plump and smooth your skin.”SaunaBar

This ‘body lab exercise’ improves your body’s circulatory system. It’s the ‘good stuff that happens behind the scenes—rather, beneath your skin.

Alternative therapies have been known to plumb and firm loose skin after weight loss. Red light therapy and infrared therapy has helped skin and body changes on the cellular level.

6. Better Eating Habits

Eating well is half the battle. Proper nutrients are key. Healthy, good food—including fruits and vegetables—are a large part of keeping the weight off.

With your new body, you don’t crave junk food as much. You opt to eat cleaner and your body shows increased food sensitivity. Conquer these next steps will benefit the way you think and consume food. Use food for fuel and energy, not for reward.

Lose Weight

Retain Weight Loss Goals

Keep the pounds from creeping back up and fuel your body with specific power foods and safe supplements as necessary.

Healthy, nutritious foods elevate your immune system and keep you strong. Getting your nutrition from food sources is ideal. However, there are holistic approaches that can transform your body and supplement your body’s nutrient absorption, particularly if you need to recover from a vitamin deficiency.

“I’m a huge fan of detox, sweating, infrared technology, and saunas...Your skin will glow and you will feel a boost in your immune system.” —Shannon B., Los Angeles

Keep your immune system strong by exercising healthy habits. Many people have success by seeking professional wellness assistance. People tend to continue to lose or maintain a healthy weight by knowing their body composition.

Also, qualified fitness trainers can conduct a thorough body composition analysis prior to embarking on their weight loss journey.

Lose Weight

7. Immune System Changes

Healthy Weight: Body Balance And Harmony

Body function requires balance and harmony. Your immune system defends you against disease and the inside of your body changes with weight loss.

You may have immediate “feel good”benefits. Keeping the euphoric effect on a cellular level is just as important.

Boosting your immune system is necessary for getting proper nutrients. A careful diet plan will provide nutrient balance. With reduced caloric intake on a diet, your immune system can start to fail.

Lose Weight

Body Changes And Immunity

After weight loss, healthy living strategies are your first line of defense. Take steps to combat a weak immune system.

There are intricacies and interconnectedness of your immune system. Immunity responses are yet to be discovered and need more research. Studies have shown, however, that positive lifestyle habits, such as lymphatic massage, can enhance immune function.

A properly functioning lymphatic system removes excess fluids from your body’s tissues. It produces healthy immune cells and helps with absorption of fatty acids to transport fat.

You can destroy cellulite by removing excess fluids and transporting fat from your body.

A combination of infrared sauna therapy and lymphatic massage proves successful as a holistic approach to keeping weight off. Treatments are rejuvenating and monitored by trained professionals who seek overall wellness benefits.

Immune System Strength Strategies

  • Adequate sleep
  • No smoking
  • Alcohol moderation
  • Healthy eating
  • Regular exercise
  • Maintain healthy weight
  • Minimize stress

Lose Weight

Weight Loss And Renewal

Taking care of your body on a cellular level will allow your body a chance to adapt and morph into a renewed vessel. Continue the way your body burns calories by looking inside.

An improved immune system is achieved by holistic approaches too. Transformation programs and infrared therapies are additional ways to stimulate your body’s caloric expenditure and transfer energy.

Supervised specialty programs with qualified wellness professionals are vital to maintaining good health.

8. Weight Loss, Satiety, And Hormonal Change

Research is starting to understand what happens to your body after weight loss and why weight loss maintenance is difficult. Rapid metabolic changes accompany weight loss and your hormones change just as much as your physical body.

“After exercise-induced weight loss, hunger hormones also rise, but some studies suggest that satiety climbs as well.”  IDEAfit.com, Hunger and Satiety Hormones High After Diet- and Exercise-Induced Weight Loss

Hunger feelings and satiety hormone levels stay high after weight loss. People with severe obesity (who lose weight by diet and exercise) have increased hunger over the long term but feel fuller in the long term.

Lose Weight

Holistic Wellness And Your Body

Your physical body has more energy and your mind has clarity. You’re feeling alert and powerful.

Researchers found that participants sustain weight loss for two (2) years. Now is the time to tackle other aspects of weight loss.That’s why it’s important to seek ways to stimulate and energize your body—starting from the inside.

Embrace Your Body Change And Keep Going!

A healthy weight and a healthy lifestyle will keep your body responding well to your new weight loss. General healthy-living strategies provide an additional dimension to your body benefits.

As you become more enthusiastic about your physical outward appearance, remember you need to take care of the inside of your body too.

A proactive approach can benefit your weight loss and maintenance goals.

Are YOU ready? Contact SaunaBar at (310) 652-5522 for an appointment today.

Lose Weight