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If you suffer from bloating, skin issues, or stress, you've probably tried countless treatments to overcome those issues. Maybe you've been prescribed medicine or changed your diet and exercise routine to no avail.

No matter what you try, you end up disappointed because there have been no signs of improvement.

That's where lymphatic massages come in!

In this blog, we'll discuss what exactly a lymphatic massage is, and who can benefit from this treatment.

What Is a Lymphatic Massage?

When you think of a massage, you probably don't think about lymph fluid and vessels. But, that's exactly what a lymphatic massage, also known as lymphatic drainage, focuses on.

Your lymphatic massage therapist will work to stimulate the flow of lymph, which is the fluid in your body that carries white blood cells, nutrients, and oxygen throughout the body. If these fluids aren't circulating properly, you can experience a number of issues including chronic pain and frequent headaches.

In order to stimulate the flow of lymph, your massage therapist will use a series of gliding, cupping, stretching, and compression movements over the client's body. These movements are light, low intensity, and used without massage oil.

The goal is to stimulate lymph fluid circulation without constricting the blood vessels. The therapist will ensure lymph is moving freely throughout your body, so you can experience some of the benefits associated with this type of massage.

Who Benefits the Most from Lymphatic Massages?

While lymphatic drainage is a relatively new treatment, there have already been promising studies to show the benefits of this treatment. There's still a lot of research to be done, but we already know that lymphatic massage treatments can benefit many people.

But who exactly can benefit the most from this type of treatment? Let's dive in!

People with Orthopedic Injuries

A study conducted in 2012 shoes that there was significant pain reduction for people who used lymphatic drainage following an orthopedic knee injury.  This study also showed that the pain reduction wasn't just temporary, it lasted at least three months.

Pregnant Women

If you are a pregnant woman that experiences edema, you might benefit from getting a lymphatic massage. Edema is a condition that refers to watery fluid collecting in the limbs of the body, which is especially common among pregnant women.

A study showed that lymphatic drainage significantly improved edema in pregnant women by maintaining normal limb size.

People with Fibromyalgia

Fybromyalgia is a chronic pain condition that leads to widespread pain, tenderness, fatigues, and sensitive muscles, joints, and skin.

Studies have shown that lymph drainage can help relieve some of these symptoms, including sleep difficulties, stiffness, pain, and general health issues.

Additionally, in a recent study comparing different types of massage therapies for people with fibromyalgia, lymphatic drainage was found to lead to improved stiffness, reduction in depression, and increased quality of life at great rates than other types of massage therapies.

Those with Skin Problems

Lymphatic drainage treatments is a great way to pull toxins out of the body, leading to much healthier looking and feeling skin. This is because lymph fluid can contain bacteria and toxins, and if it's not flowing properly, those things may build up and affect the skin.

While there is still research to be done in this area, a study did show a connection between lymph fluid and skin. If you're experiencing acne, eczema, or any other skin condition, lymphatic massage therapy may help you.

People Who Have Post-Surgery Swelling

Lymphatic drainage has been shown to significantly reduce swelling after surgeries. Initial studies show that this occurs because the process of lymph drainage promotes lymph circulation, leading to reduced swelling and pain.

People Who Need to Relax

Who's not looking to be more relaxed, nowadays?

People are always looking for ways to relax and release tension, and many choose to get a massage to promote relaxation. And lymphatic drainage massages are no different, in fact, they may be even more effective in promoting relaxation and stress relief.

A recent study showed that lymphatic drainage significantly improved psychological states and reduced overall stress.

Women with Cellulite and Fat That Just Won't Go Away

Do you have cellulite and fat tissue that you just can't get rid of? Well, you just might be in luck.

A recent study showed very promising results for women with cellulite. The results showed a significant reduction in both thigh and abdomen fat, along with cellulite in those areas.

Those Looking to Prevent Illness

The lymphatic fluids and vessels are an integral part of clearing your body of toxins including viruses and bacteria. If the fluids aren't moving freely through your body, you will be more prone to autoimmune diseases and illness.

With that being said, it makes sense that promoting the circulation of these fluids and clearing them of harmful toxins would help to prevent illnesses and autoimmune diseases. However, there still needs to be research conducted on this idea to more closely show whether lymphatic drainage alone can prevent illnesses.

So, Should You Get a Lymphatic Massages?

If you think any of these benefits can improve your health and overall well being, then yes, a lymphatic massage would be great!

Whether you're looking for the treatment of a specific issue such as fibromyalgia, or you want to experience the more general benefits, such as improved skin and increased relaxation, lymphatic massage therapy is the answer.

Here at SaunaBar, we specialize in giving our clients the most thorough lymphatic massages in the Los Angeles area. If you're interested in trying a lymphatic massage and experiencing those benefits for yourself, contact us today to learn more and to book an appointment.