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Do you feel like you've tried everything and are still experiencing pain in your life?

From the occasional annoying ache to chronic debilitating pain, you deserve pain relief and we are here to help. We've had countless clients come in with a variety of issues that have been helped only by a combination of our services. We believe in relief, we believe in feeling good, and we believe this is possible for you.

Conventional pain relief therapies don't work for everyone.

That's why here at Saunabar, we are committed to thinking outside of the box and finding alternative methods for healing and restoring our bodies, minds, and spirits. We're also committed to finding things that actually work, so we won't bring it into our facility unless it is backed by science.

If you don't live in Los Angeles or you aren't living the Holistic Lifestyle yet, energy healing and alternative methods may seem a bit "out there" to you at first. Energetic healing works on a cellular level, to get to the core of the issue and re-balance it from that space. No mental energy, no trying to "figure it out", just simply relaxing and letting your body receive the balance it is asking for.

At Saunabar, we have invested in Magneceutical™ Health’s latest Magnetic resonance therapy system – the Magnesphere. The Magnesphere is a cutting edge relaxation device that has helped many people just like you find relief from all sorts of ailments already. This Zero Gravity Chair is surrounded by an invisible electromagnetic field and the science behind it is incredible. The foundation of how it works is based on Quantum Physics and Biology. Using this knowledge, the Magnesphere targets the symptoms of chronic stress (read: stiffness, pain, inflammation, energy level, and sleep problems).

The best part?

All you have to do is lay down in the unbelievably comfortable chair, let the soothing music take you into a deep and peaceful state while the Magnesphere works its magic. While you are resting, the device senses which magnetic field(s) are best for your body at that time. It then creates an invisible field to alter the molecules in the body with a very powerful magnet. By balancing the Automatic Nervous System with it's wide range of protocols, you can be sure when it is over, you will have a renewed sense of calm and enhanced feelings of relaxation. And remember, stress will create all sorts of symptoms in the body- pain included.

If you have a specific diagnosis, injury, illness, or disease:

The Magnesphere is ready to help you relieve the pain that comes along with it. We can set it to a specific mode to target and work with your individual situation. We have heard very often that using the Magnesphere in combination with our Infrared SaunaPods has relieved pain and discomfort in bodies that never thought it was possible. We hope to provide this experience for you as well.

Are you ready to experience your body the way that it was meant to work? We invite you to not just take our word for it but come and see for yourself. Once you have an encounter with something like the Magnesphere, you will be a believer because you will feel the difference!

Many of our clients love to combine our therapies! Our Infrared SaunaPods are a great way to enhance the relaxation and pain relief experience. Book a session with us today!

Want more health and wellness? Visit Saunabar and follow our blog for tips and knowledge every week.

The Magnesphere™ is intended to enhance feelings of relaxation, and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.