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Learn What We're Doing To Keep SaunaBar Safe

As little as 15 minutes' worth of exercise can help calm someone down. And that calm feeling can last for hours. Exercise also helps us keep our entire physical body healthy.

Including the skin. The sweat produced during exercise acts as a mini facial.

But not much information is available on how to enhance all those physical and mental health benefits after a workout. Many people are unaware that a post-workout sauna has additional mind/body benefits.

We want to help you maximize all you do to keep yourself looking and feeling good. Keep reading to learn how an infrared sauna can enhance your workouts.

What an Infrared Sauna Is

An infrared sauna uses light to create heat. Unlike a traditional sauna that needs to warm the air around you in order to get you warm, an infrared sauna heats your body directly.

Infrared saunas are appealing to those who find traditional saunas too hot. You get the same health benefits from an infrared sauna at a lower temperature, usually around 140°F (60°C).

A Sauna Helps Reduce Stress Levels

One reason to Google, "infrared sauna Los Angeles" is to help reduce stress. Life in L.A. is hectic.

Too much stress can lead to a ton of health issues including:

  • Weight gain
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Irritability
  • Poor sleep
  • Suppressed immune system

A sauna post-workout helps you to continue to release the stress in your life. Saunas are a quiet place where you can take a moment to just be.

Meanwhile, the heat from the sauna helps your body release endorphins, known for making people feel pleasure.

Burns Calories

As your skin heats up, it causes your blood vessels to dilate. Your heart rate also increases while in a sauna from a resting 60-70 beats per minute up to 120-140 beats per minute.

It will lower when you leave the sauna and return to normal. The raising and lowering of your heart rate help your cardiovascular regulatory system by strengthening your heart muscles and increasing your cardiac output.

The cardio effect helps increase metabolic rate as does sweating which burns calories from stored carbohydrates and fats.

Tips for Greater Benefits

Much of what you lose will be water weight. Make sure you are well hydrated before you take a sauna.

Great for the Skin

Saunas cleanse and purify the skin. It's a tried and true method used for eras.

A good sauna will cause your skin to sweat deeply which helps remove dead skin cells. Sweating also helps flush out bacteria from the epidermis.

As the circulation of the capillaries become enhanced, the skin ends up looking soft and youthful. Lastly, sweating coats the skin with a nutrient-rich liquid.

The nutrients then fill in the gaps between your cells which help to plump and firm your skin. Sweating on a regular basis also prevents your collagen from breaking down, keeping you looking younger longer.

Helps Muscles Recover

Sore, tired muscles are usually a sign of a good workout. But you should also do something to help repair the microscopic tears on your muscles.

Left untreated, those tears cause inflammation which leads to your muscles feeling tight and sore. You're more likely to get a cramp or feeling sensitive.

The increased blood circulation from the heat of the sauna helps to carry oxygen-rich blood to your muscles that have been deprived of oxygen. The heat will also let your muscles relax, which reduces tension.

Flushes Out Metabolic Waste

It's not just bacteria that sweat flushes out of your body. In only a few minutes in a sauna, your body sweats out nearly a pint of water.

Within that pint of sweat are metabolic waste products. If you don't sweat on a regular basis, that can lead to a toxic build-up.

The deep sweat that a sauna produces helps you to release toxic metals such as:

  • Mercury
  • Lead
  • Copper
  • Nickel
  • Zinc

A sauna is a great way to detox easily.

Leads to Greater Endurance

Studies now show that taking a sauna post-exercise improves workout endurance. Researchers believe the improved endurance by taking a sauna was due to heat exposure increasing blood volume.

In the experiment, male runners took a 30-minute sauna after endurance training sessions. The sauna was set at 190° F.

Better Sleep

It's no secret that part of a balanced life is getting enough sleep. Studies show the damage that not enough sleep can have on us physically and mentally.

But a good night's rest is also paramount when you're working out regularly. Your muscles need time to rest and recover so that the fibers grow back bigger and stronger.

Stay Asleep

A sauna post-workout, especially in the evening will help you sleep better. While you're in the sauna, your body temperature becomes elevated.

Your body readjusts its temperature as you leave the sauna. The rising and normalizing of your body temperature actually have a calming effect which should help you fall and stay asleep.

How to Stay Safe When Using a Sauna

Hydration is an important part of working out and it's also important when taking a sauna. Make sure you hydrate before and after your session.

If you're new, the infrared sauna pod is one of the safest on the market. Your head is outside the pod, protecting your head from overwhelming heat while your body receives deep therapy. And since infrared works by heating you from the inside first, it's a gradual warm up process. If at any time you feel dizzy, open the lid of your pod immediately to get some air.

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